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Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Welcome to The Paw Pet Pics.  We are new to professional photography and we are building our portfolio.  We have a couple little pet-related business' including making leather dog collars, vinyl decals and other fun goodies. We started with these businesses because WE LOVE ANIMALS.  Over the past few years, we gradually have been gravitating more and more toward dogs and animals.  This is OK with us because we seem to get along better with dogs than with people.
We can come to your house to take family photos or meet somewhere at a scenic location for some outdoor shots.  Arizona takes some pretty nice pics.   What ever memories you want to capture with your pet.   We got a new, cool camera that takes beautiful pictures.  We can provide digital pics on a disc or zip drive, a framed picture, or canvas.  We know we will have fun playing with and photographing your pets.  We know they will have fun too, and we hope you enjoy the experience as well.  


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There are also Services and Merchandise Provided by People in the Community
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